Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Pineapple Express

So global warming is tripping me out.

This weekend, the weather in Portland was downright bizarre.

On Friday night until mid-day Sunday, Portland was covered in ice. The freeways, the bridges, the roads...everything. I went outside on Saturday morning, and my car was covered in a sheath of 1/2 inch-thick ice. I couldn't open the door because it was frozen shut--not to mention the handle had its own blanket of ice.

The high temperature for the weekend was like 31 degrees.

Then on Monday it warmed up to about 35 degrees.

Then yesterday--I kid you not--it was 66 degrees. We had a 30-degree jump overnight.

The weather man is having a field day. They've been spouting off about the "Pineapple Express" for the last two days, and it's just cracking me up. They're too excited that the warm air is coming in from Hawaii.

But it's been weird. I drove home yesterday with my sunroof open. :)

Hope everyone else is having entertaining weather as I am!

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