Thursday, 16 January 2014

Females in Mexico

Females in Mexico are classified as per their attitudes to males, particularly during male dating years. The type of Mexican female that we would talk about is called Caprichosa (a very rude female), and you will gain some new information of these females after reading this. 

Caprichosa is essentially a rude Mexican female that dislikes everybody, even males with lots of money. A Caprichosa female is never happy no matter what. Her world is not ideal because she is worried about material goods and perfection. 

These females have their own set of rules for their body as well as their respect, but their respect is not attained to their expectations as males truly hate them. The mass of Caprichosa Mexican females turn down a lot of guys in their life span, and they are very picky on choosing their mate.

Friday, 1 March 2013


Me dices que te doy amor de contrabando
que hacemos nada mas lo que me viene en gana
siempre a mi manera, mi santa voluntad
que solo te mimo ya con cuentagotas

Eres tú el capricho que no me deja vivir
mi dulce veneno
somos dos a la par, tal para cual

Caprichosa eres tu
caprichoso soy yo
mi capricho eres tu
tu capricho soy yo

Eres tú quien rompe todos mi esquemas
la que arma jaleo, siempre dando guerra
tu llama es desierto why tu mi manantial
déjame beberte entonces a mi antojo

Eres tú el capricho que no me firma la paz
mi dulce veneno
por que somos igual, tal para cual

Eres mi capricho
mi niña caprichosa
dejame quemarme
con tu amor en llamas

Friday, 21 January 2005

This is Weird

So I was surfin' the net a little bit ago, and I came across the psychic crystal ball:

It's pretty weird. It worked for me every time. Are there any math whizzes out there than can explain how it works?

Is there anyone who can outsmart the crystal ball??

Wednesday, 19 January 2005

Pineapple Express

So global warming is tripping me out.

This weekend, the weather in Portland was downright bizarre.

On Friday night until mid-day Sunday, Portland was covered in ice. The freeways, the bridges, the roads...everything. I went outside on Saturday morning, and my car was covered in a sheath of 1/2 inch-thick ice. I couldn't open the door because it was frozen shut--not to mention the handle had its own blanket of ice.

The high temperature for the weekend was like 31 degrees.

Then on Monday it warmed up to about 35 degrees.

Then yesterday--I kid you not--it was 66 degrees. We had a 30-degree jump overnight.

The weather man is having a field day. They've been spouting off about the "Pineapple Express" for the last two days, and it's just cracking me up. They're too excited that the warm air is coming in from Hawaii.

But it's been weird. I drove home yesterday with my sunroof open. :)

Hope everyone else is having entertaining weather as I am!