Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I was perusing the Oregonian a day or two ago ( nearby daily paper) and I generally read the same segments. I skim through the front segment to get the news, then I read the "Living" area to get the funnies and so forth, and after that I generally go to the travel area -I think its impractical considering. I like to see what hot costs they have on plane tickets to places I can't bear. They generally have wonderful pictures from distant places that I can add to my rundown of future ends.

So on Sunday, after coupon-cutting, I went to the Travel area (its generally incredible on Sundays). At that point I recognized that they're having a challenge for the best travel photographs. You can submit up to five photographs in every classification: individuals of the world, places, subtle elements, and one other one I can't recall. The excellent prize is an excursion for two to Europe! Particularly, France and Germany. Presently, I don't talk either dialect, however I imagine that would be fabulous to the point that I wouldn't comprehend what to do with myself. Obviously if my impractical imagining that I could really win the challenge were to work out, I'd then need to evaluate who I would take. :)

At any rate. I have some truly incredible photographs from when I examined abroad that I think I'm going to enter. Perhaps I'll win a side prize, in the same way as a blessing endorsement to the Camera Bag.

The purpose of this story, then again, is that I was flipping through my 30-pound Ecuador scrapbook (yes, I weighed it), and I stumbled over one of my most loved pictures that I sort of pushed in the once more of my psyche.

This picture is really sort of terrible. It's of graffiti on a divider by the street. I would pass by this specific divider on the transport regular on my route to the college and it generally got my attention. It without a doubt wasn't pretty graffiti- -you know, some graffiti is really regardless of the fact that it is ruining somebody's property- -however what it said I truly adored:

I'm going to be realistic , I will fight for the impossible.

For those of you who don't talk Spanish, a general interpretation:

I'm going to be a realist, I'm going to battle for what's unimaginable.

Presently, I truly like that in light of the fact that I like to imagine that way. It's similar to stating, I know its incomprehensible, I know its most likely won't happen, however I'm going to battle for it at any rate, dammit.

What's more that is the route I like to think.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Females in Mexico

Females in Mexico are classified as per their attitudes to males, particularly during male dating years. The type of Mexican female that we would talk about is called Caprichosa (a very rude female), and you will gain some new information of these females after reading this. 

Caprichosa is essentially a rude Mexican female that dislikes everybody, even males with lots of money. A Caprichosa female is never happy no matter what. Her world is not ideal because she is worried about material goods and perfection. 

These females have their own set of rules for their body as well as their respect, but their respect is not attained to their expectations as males truly hate them. The mass of Caprichosa Mexican females turn down a lot of guys in their life span, and they are very picky on choosing their mate.