Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I was perusing the Oregonian a day or two ago ( nearby daily paper) and I generally read the same segments. I skim through the front segment to get the news, then I read the "Living" area to get the funnies and so forth, and after that I generally go to the travel area -I think its impractical considering. I like to see what hot costs they have on plane tickets to places I can't bear. They generally have wonderful pictures from distant places that I can add to my rundown of future ends.

So on Sunday, after coupon-cutting, I went to the Travel area (its generally incredible on Sundays). At that point I recognized that they're having a challenge for the best travel photographs. You can submit up to five photographs in every classification: individuals of the world, places, subtle elements, and one other one I can't recall. The excellent prize is an excursion for two to Europe! Particularly, France and Germany. Presently, I don't talk either dialect, however I imagine that would be fabulous to the point that I wouldn't comprehend what to do with myself. Obviously if my impractical imagining that I could really win the challenge were to work out, I'd then need to evaluate who I would take. :)

At any rate. I have some truly incredible photographs from when I examined abroad that I think I'm going to enter. Perhaps I'll win a side prize, in the same way as a blessing endorsement to the Camera Bag.

The purpose of this story, then again, is that I was flipping through my 30-pound Ecuador scrapbook (yes, I weighed it), and I stumbled over one of my most loved pictures that I sort of pushed in the once more of my psyche.

This picture is really sort of terrible. It's of graffiti on a divider by the street. I would pass by this specific divider on the transport regular on my route to the college and it generally got my attention. It without a doubt wasn't pretty graffiti- -you know, some graffiti is really regardless of the fact that it is ruining somebody's property- -however what it said I truly adored:

I'm going to be realistic , I will fight for the impossible.

For those of you who don't talk Spanish, a general interpretation:

I'm going to be a realist, I'm going to battle for what's unimaginable.

Presently, I truly like that in light of the fact that I like to imagine that way. It's similar to stating, I know its incomprehensible, I know its most likely won't happen, however I'm going to battle for it at any rate, dammit.

What's more that is the route I like to think.

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